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A Few Things...

Wow, get pissed off much Jordy? I think you should apologize to "your husband" (only you A2K, would come up with that) for being PSYCHO. You know I still love you though, right? :)

Welcome to Todd "Dan T." and Tyler "Mike-Shawn" (Please - someone explain to me how A2K came up with THAT? I would just ask ya A2, but...you talk way too fast and too ADDish for me to follow it. I love you though! :) ) to this crazy and hectic and confusing as hell world that they are now a part of by joining their band.

Someone explain to me about the incident with A2K stealing a container from the lunch room...please?

We need to update. And, oh, BTW, I'm Essence. Or just, "Ess" for short.

When do Side-Note practice and when can we expect group pics, videos, and wavs???

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