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((Cliche`)) ~ Where music is headed

You know you want to love them.

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A punk/emo/screamo/"poser-ska" band formed on October 1, 2000.

This is a LJ community created for the band known as Cliché.

With Ashley "A2K" Houseman, Desire` "DJ" Jordan, Kristin "Kris" Seamon, and Tory "Torz" Davis
Where music is headed.
You know you want to love them.

~Bass: Kris
~Drums: A2K
~Guitar: DJ
~Keyboard: Torz

The Cliche` Crew:
~Camera ("Patrick"):
~Web site maintainer: Jason Halterman
~Lights: Jason Halterman
~Drum tech:
~Guitar tech:
~Bass tech:
~Keyboard tech:
~Roadies: -
~Set designer:
~T-shirt designer: A2K Houseman
~Merch manager:
~Merch sellers: -
- K. Kieft
~Assistant manager:
~Concept artist:

Street Team:
~Street team president:
~Street team vice-president:
~Street teamers:

Online Street Team:
~Street team president:
~Street team vice-president:
~Street teamers:

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