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((Cliche`)) ~ Where music is headed

28th April, 2009. 10:11 pm. Green Day(vain_regrets)

Green Day is releasing a new album on May 15th, titled 21st Century Breakdown. Below is a widget where you can check out the new single, Know Your Enemy, and follow what the band has going on right now.

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10th September, 2005. 10:33 am.(schoolnightrec)

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2nd August, 2004. 12:44 am.(pretty_vacunt)


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2nd March, 2004. 11:08 pm. A Few Things...(_e_s_s_e_n_c_e_)

Wow, get pissed off much Jordy? I think you should apologize to "your husband" (only you A2K, would come up with that) for being PSYCHO. You know I still love you though, right? :)

Welcome to Todd "Dan T." and Tyler "Mike-Shawn" (Please - someone explain to me how A2K came up with THAT? I would just ask ya A2, but...you talk way too fast and too ADDish for me to follow it. I love you though! :) ) to this crazy and hectic and confusing as hell world that they are now a part of by joining their band.

Someone explain to me about the incident with A2K stealing a container from the lunch room...please?

We need to update. And, oh, BTW, I'm Essence. Or just, "Ess" for short.

When do Side-Note practice and when can we expect group pics, videos, and wavs???


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27th February, 2004. 2:49 pm. This is to Kate and Dan T.(if_u_c_me)

Hey, it's Jordan. Ok, so I was wonderin', what kind of guitars do you play? How long have you been playing for? (Dumb question, I just remembered that you're an Avril band and don't play your instruments. Sorry. Haha! :D)


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8th February, 2004. 2:23 pm. First Post(a2k_)

Hey everyone! Thanks for joining our community. Mucho appreciato. :) Anyway, yeah. This is A2K as all of you know. Um...Hey, go check out the bio in the info...if there's something you see that you'd like to help out with, comment on this, or make a new post (hint hint) and yeah! I think K. will be making a kick-ass new layout for this...and I can make S.T. banners, and shiz, so we'll be all cool. AND, I think Iris is goin' to check out basses real soon. Hopefully. Because we really really really need to get going if we're gonna reach our goal of getting signed to Drive-Thru Records by our senior year at that shithole called Orchard View High School.

Fade To Black

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